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What is Wealth Noir?

Wealth Noir exists to help successful professional black millenials build wealth in search of financial freedom.  

This company came together when our founder failed to see examples of people like him with amassing wealth. It became apparent the financial education and services nescessary to amass wealth and achieve financial freedom were missing from his community.  

We build products and offer financial services to help income earning professionals take a journey in wealth to reach financial freedom. We also produce content, guides, and articles to empower others to build generational wealth and find financial freedom.

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What Others are Saying 

I just wanted to say thank you for creating this platform! [I'm] one year out of school, working at a tech start-up. I am earning a salary greater than anyone in my family has ever made before at 22. And while most would be happy, I am freaking scared! I have been functioning with a weird anxiety that stems from having money without any clue what saving and making smart money decisions looks like. I grew up in a paycheck to paycheck family and I find myself repeating poor habits.  

I am currently focusing on budgeting, cash flow, and being forward thinking about money. I want to have more honest money talks with knowledgeable people about how to manage and grow wealth. It's great to have this platform to help me open my eyes to what a healthy relationship with money and working looks like. I know people make money mistakes often, but I want to operate from a place of learning from people who have made mistakes and made changes so I don't have to repeat the cycle.  

Please keep this amazing content coming!  

— K. B. (Community Member)

Thank you for this email! I’m in my office and lately figuring out how I can create more income has been on my mind heavy. This email just inspired me and confirmed that it’s time to move forward 

— M. M. (Community Member)